Who wants to trolley?

Opening of Coastal Highway, St. Simon's Island, Ga. 1928. Foltz Photography Studio Photographs, MS 1360. Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Society
Opening of Coastal Highway, Motorcade, St. Simon’s Island, Ga.,
1928. Foltz Photography Studio Photographs, MS 1360.
Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Society.

Are you interested in taking a trolley tour of St. Simons as part of your annual meeting experience? If so, the Local Arrangements Committee wants to hear from you!

We have the opportunity to schedule a group tour of the island by St. Simons Island Trolley Company, but we need a minimum number of people to sign up. So, please take a minute (seriously) to take our Trolley poll and indicate your preferred date and time. If we have sufficient interest by the end of this week (10/28), we’ll offer a sign-up sheet.

The trolley tour is $23/adult and $10/child and includes the Lighthouse, Bloody Marsh, Fort Frederica, Retreat Plantation, and Christ Church.

Annual meeting trolley tour

The Local Arrangements Committee is pleased to offer a trolley tour of beautiful St. Simons Island during the annual meeting. To get a sense if people are interested in signing up, please let us know if you would like to take a 1.5-hour trolley tour of the island. We have a few options for tour date and time:
– Wednesday (11/7) at 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm
– Friday (11/9) at at 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm
Rates are $23.00 for adults, children 4-12 are $10.00 and under 4 are free. If there is enough interest, we will offer the tour on both Wednesday and Friday. Please take our poll to indicate your preference.
See you in St. Simons!

TOUR IS FULL!!!!! We cannot accept anymore requests. Thanks.

Tour of the Fox Theatre

SGA is happy to offer its members a free behind the scenes tour of the Fox Theatre on Friday, July 10th from 1:30-4:00. There will be no charge for the tour, but it will be limited to 15-20 people.

If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible.

Jody Thompson, Chair
SGA Membership Committee