Call for 2014 SGA Annual Meeting Session Proposals: Plans and Strategies for the Future of Archives

The Society of Georgia Archivists’ Program Committee proudly announces the theme for the 2014 annual meeting: Plans and Strategies for the Future of Archives.

The Committee invites you to attend the meeting, to be held at The Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, November 5-7, 2014.

Plans and Strategies for the Future of Archives pushes archives professionals to reflect on the various theories, strategies, and the preparations that go into the new and innovative approaches we take in conducting our work. For the 2014 annual meeting, the Program Committee is seeking presentations on the following topics:

  • Unfinished projects or those still in the planning stages, discussing ideas and theories that were or are being discussed, or completed projects in which there was a significant  and interesting strategies and paths that were pursued.
  • Plans and ideas on how best to tackle issues that face archives and archivists, thoughts on best practices and reviewing standards whether it be new approaches to processing, offering access, or advocacy. How are archivists being innovative and are there better ways to use our resources.
  • Digital projects, virtual reference, changes to meet user needs, new considerations, and thoughts on how to create better ways to interact with users. How are archivists molding technology to our own needs and to those of our users?

This year’s theme, Plans and Strategies for the Future of Archives, reflects the primary steps and considerations that face archivists when proposing new projects and programs.

Click here for SGA Session Proposal Form

Proposals must be submitted no later than Friday, May 2, 2014. Email proposals to: lstarratt [at]

National History Day Needs You! Submit Your Topic Ideas and Host a Round Up

National History Day (NHD) engages K-12 students in history through hands-on experiences, project-based learning activities, presentations, and competitions.

The NHD Mentoring Program at LaGrange College, in association with the Georgia Humanities Council, is organizing the first ever NHD Round Up in the state of Georgia. They are encouraging archives, museums, local historical societies, and libraries to open their doors to local NHD students during Saturdays in October. On “Round Up Saturdays,” these institutions will introduce NHD students to their facilities and holdings and assist them as they engage in research.

How your archives can get involved:

1) To help students develop topics, the NHD Mentoring Program is asking participating institutions to prepare a list of local and regional history topics relevant to their collections. The 2015 NHD theme, “Leadership and Legacy in History,” is particularly well suited to local and regional history topics. Your list should include both topics and the collections that address those topics.

2) Consider whether, in addition to providing a topic/collection list, your institution would be willing to host a Round Up day for NHD student researchers during the month of October. Saturdays are best, but if your institution isn’t open on Saturdays, you can designate a regular business day for the Round Up.

3) Email your institution’s topic/collections list and chosen Round Up date by July 15 to NHD Mentoring Program coordinator Dr. Kevin Shirley (kshirley [at], who will post them on the program’s website:


About the NHD Mentoring Program at LaGrange College:
The NHD Mentoring Program at LaGrange College exists to promote the power and value of historical study, education and research through National History Day.  Our program provides support to students and teachers throughout the process, from topic selection to competition preparation.  We offer teacher and student workshops, serve as a web based clearinghouse for information, resources and ongoing education, answer research and project development queries from students and teachers, host the West Georgia Regional NHD Competition and provide support at the Georgia NHD State and National Competitions.  Our goals are simple:  (1) Help Georgia’s students experience as positive and powerful an experience through NHD as possible, (2) Help Georgia’s Teachers enjoy as much NHD success as possible, and (3) help Georgia become nationally known for the strength of it’s NHD program.  Please visit the program’s website at If you have any questions about the program or would like to learn more about NHD and the ways in which you can help, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Kevin Shirley at kshirley [at] or by phone at (706) 880-8033.