Announcing the Everyday Digital Archives Outreach Campaign

What comes to mind when you think about digital archives?
Sounds like something I’d rather do tomorrow
Sounds confusing, please explain
Sounds intriguing, but I’m not sure where to start
Sounds like a piece of cake, bring it on!
Sounds expensive, ain’t nobody got time for that
Sounds scary, no thank you

The SGA Outreach Managers are excited to launch a new themed campaign for 2014…

Everyday Digital Archives

…and you’re invited to join in the fun.

We’re planning several activities focused on demystifying digital archives stewardship and using personal digital archives as a way to connect with the public about the importance of archives. The overarching idea is that the digital is everyday. Archivists and non-archivists alike all create, use, and preserve digital records in their everyday lives, so why can’t digital stewardship feel more everyday–more casual, more friendly, more do-able?

Let’s work together to make it that way.

Every few weeks, we’ll be posting Q&As on the SGA blog with digital archives stewards from across Georgia, who will offer approachable insights and digestable tips for preserving and providing access to digital records.

We’ll be forwarding digital archives-related news to the SGA membership via our social media channels, using the hashtag #everydaydigitalarchives.

And we’ll also be partnering with like-minded information professionals to organize a train-the-trainer workshop on personal digital archiving, which archivists, librarians, records managers, genealogists, etc. could then offer to the public at their own institutions.

The Everyday Digital Archives theme offers a way to empower archivists around the state to do outreach at the individual level about the valuable services archivists offer. Individuals everywhere are concerned about the future preservation of their personal, everyday digital archives (their email accounts, the digital photos they want to pass on to future generations, their Facebook accounts and tweets). Archivists can support the public by offering advice about how to take care of and preserve these digital records. Everyday Digital Archives thus becomes a topic that connects archivists and the public and reinforces the value of archives and archivists. Archives aren’t just about dusty old shelves–they’re about what’s important right now, they’re about the everyday, they’re about the future.

Have ideas? Want to volunteer to be interviewed for our Q&A blog posts? Let us know: outreach [at] soga [dot] org.

To learn more about personal digital archiving: