2010 Fellows Nominations

Dear SGA members,
SGA is very pleased to announce that nominations are now open for SGA Fellows for 2010! Members and current Fellows are welcome to nominate someone who deserves to be recognized for his or her outstanding contributions to our society and our profession. The revised procedures and nomination form are now available on the SGA website (link to http://www.soga.org/Content/Documents/Document.ashx?DocId=112277 for the procedures; http://www.soga.org/Content/Documents/Document.ashx?DocId=112276 for the nomination form). 
Nominations are due to the Nominating Committee (decatanzaro@gatech.edu) by April 30, 2010. Please get a head start and nominate your candidate soon!

Save the Date!

Sorry you missed the More Product, Less Process presentation at the annual meeting?
Want to know how to alleviate backlogs in your repository?

Join SGA as we co-sponsor our annual Spring Workshop with the Society of American Archivists. “Implementing More Product, Less Process” will be given on May 17, 2010, location TBD. Check the SGA website for registration details soon.

SGA’s Scholarship Committee awards the Banks Scholarship to an SGA member who would like to attend. Check out http://www.soga.org/banks to learn about how to apply.

SAA’s description of the workshop:

Backlogs don’t have to weigh as heavily as they do! Focus on implementing concrete strategies for increasing processing rates and reducing backlogs, as outlined in the Greene-Meissner article, “More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing,” and learn as you share information and experiences with fellow workshop participants. Topics include appraisal, arrangement, description, digitization, and preservation, as well as development of processing plans, policies, and benchmarks. This array of topics is addressed through lecture, case studies, and group discussion.

Workshop objectives:

  • Understand the concepts and arguments outlined in “More Product, Less Process;”
  • Implement strategies for increasing processing rates in a variety of institutions;
  • Apply techniques for managing efficient processing programs, including developing processing plans, policies, and benchmarks;
  • Understand how descriptive standards such as DACS can assist in the creation of descriptive records that adhere to “minimum” requirements and assist in the reuse of data in a variety of outputs; and
  • Develop strategies for integrating processing with other archival functions, particularly accessioning.

Who should attend? Archivists who process archival collections or manage archival processing programs and administrators interested in processing procedures within their repositories (introductory to intermediate levels).

For more information, contact the SGA Education Committee at education@soga.org

Gracy Award Reminder

SGA is very close to meeting the David B. Gracy Award challenge to raise $1,000 by March 2010. So far, we have raised $792.92.

If you have not already contributed to the Gracy Award, please consider doing so. Your contribution will ensure that SGA can continue with this special and important award.
To contribute, please visit the SGA website and follow the “Celebrate Through Giving” link.