Continuing Education Opportunities at the 2013 Tri-State Meeting

The Society of Georgia Archivists, Society of North Carolina Archivists, and South Carolina Archival Association have collaborated to provide three wonderful educational opportunities at this year’s Tri-State Meeing in Greenville, SC.  See below for details and registration information for the SGA-sponsored oral history workshop. We look forward to seeing you in October!

Beyond Preservation: Oral History as a Dynamic Archival Tool

Question: What do archivists need to know about oral history interviews, and why?
Answer: The more, the better.   Archivists with a good working knowledge of oral history can be much more than preservationists: they can help to create dynamic, rich collections that have the potential to strengthen other archival holdings and generate more public interest.   In this day-long workshop, we will explore the process of creating and utilizing oral history interviews, from conception to dissemination.

Questions we will ask (and attempt to answer) include, for example: How can I find money to fund an oral history project?  What equipment should I use to record the interview, and under what conditions should I use it?  What kind of research and preparation should be done before conducting the interview?  What sorts of questions should I ask, and how should I deal with difficult or sensitive issues that come up during the interview?  What are the legal considerations in managing an oral history project?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of oral history interviews as research tools?   How can I use oral history collections to reach a broader public, and/or a more diverse demographic?
At the end of the day, you’ll be ready to launch an oral history project of your own.

Instructor:  Arwen Donahue
Participation limited to 30.
Cost: $85