City of Savannah Launches New Portrait Exhibit

The Municipal Records and Archives Division of the City of Savannah will be displaying “Capturing the Soul: Portrait Photography from the W.W. Law Collection” at the Beach Institute African American Cultural Center through January 2019.

The display features thirty portraits from the W. W. Law Photograph Collection which highlight the evolving nature of photography, portraiture as an art form, as well as material culture through time. The images date from the 1870s through the 1990s, and document the lives of individuals both prominent and anonymous. 

The city received the W.W. Law Collection from the W.W. Law Foundation as a donation in 2014, and is in the midst of a multi-year archival project to process and open the collection to the public for research use and have been opening it in phases as reach certain milestones are reached.
Over the years, the department has exhibited portions of the collection at the Beach Institute, Carnegie Library and  Savannah’s City Hall and look forward to continuing those efforts around town as processing is completed. The goal is to introduce new audiences to the work of W.W. Law and his multi-faceted collection, which spans a diverse career in the Civil Rights Movement, historic preservation, museums, history, music and more.
The display uses the photograph collection “as a springboard to look at portrait photography over time,” says Luciana Spracher, Director of the Municipal Records and Archives Division. “Law’s collection is so diverse and spans such a large time period that it was a wonderful opportunity for us to select a nice sampling of images that capture the evolution of photography from the 1870s through the 1990s through the lens of portraiture. This also allows us to focus on the individual, the named and unnamed.
“With Law, we have a tendency to focus on his Civil Rights Movement and all the movers and shakers he interacted with. This exhibit allowed us to shift away from him and zero in on the faces of others and, through their portraits, shine the spotlight on them, even if we don’t know their names or what they did. Perhaps by doing this, someone will come forward and provide this information and help us fill in those gaps. The exhibit features 30 portraits selected because they spoke to us in some way — men, women, children and families — but really there are so many wonderful images in the W.W. Law Photograph Collection, we hope this exhibit will encourage visitors to explore the larger collection, the majority of which is digitized and available online at”
For more on the Beach Institute: 

Nominating Committee Invites Nominations

Interested in expanding your leadership or project management skills? Want to cultivate connections with other cultural heritage professionals throughout Georgia?
The SGA Nominating Committee invites you to get involved in SGA leadership. We have several open SGA board positions for 2019. You can nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the vacant positions.
More information on serving in a leadership position in SGA and the duties of each position can be found in the Administrative Handbook, as well as in the organization’s Bylaws. Projects and work will be guided by the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.
Nominees should also be aware of SGA’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion. The recruitment practicesused by SGA’s Nominating Committee will uphold the principles and commitments set forth in this statement.
Here are the vacancies for ELECTED positions for 2019 (these board members vote on official SGA decisions):
Vice President / President-Elect
Assistant Program Chair
Assistant Local Arrangements Chair
Nominating Committee Members (2 positions)
Candidates for elected positions must send a short bio and brief statement of interest addressing SGA’s Core Values, including diversity, to SGA’s Core Values are outlined on page 2 of the Strategic Plan.
Here are the vacancies for APPOINTED positions for 2019 (these board members do not vote but do play key leadership roles):
Assistant Communications Director
Provenance Editor
Assistant Website Manager
Assistant Outreach Manager
Assistant RAAC Liaison
Georgia Archives Month Assistant Liaison
Assistant Education Committee Chair
Assistant Mentoring Program Coordinator
Scholarship Committee Chair
If you are interested in an appointed position or have a recommendation, please email
The deadline for nominations for either elected or appointed positions is 8/20/2018. Self-nominations are encouraged. If you have any questions, please email

Even More Committee Updates!

The Scholarship Committee would like to congratulate Brittany Newberry on being selected to receive the Ed Weldon Scholarship for early-bird registration to the Society of American Archivists Conference.  Good luck in D.C.!

We look forward to hearing about your experience in a future blog post, and congratulations again!!

The Program Committee has been working diligently over the last six months to release the theme and program earlier in the calendar year, allowing attendees more time to determine their travel schedules for the Annual Meeting. 
After extensive review of member feedback in previous Annual Meeting surveys, the Committee chose this year’s theme of Practical Pathways: Applied Tools and Creative Approaches. The selection is in direct response to the expressed need for hands-on, pragmatic suggestions and solutions for the problems archivists are facing in the workplace. A complete description of the theme can be found here.
Additionally, the Program Committee is extremely excited that the 2018 Annual Meeting Program Draft is now available, and believes the quality and diversity of session and poster topics and speakers will be a boon to attendees. Preparations for the final draft of the program–including the popular “At a Glance” schedule debuted last year–are currently underway.

The SGA Nominating Committee — Kevin Fleming, Megan Kerkhoff, and Wendy Hagenmaier — has been working on annual activities related to SGA Fellows and nominations, as well as two important strategic plan goals focused on diversity and communication.
We publicized the call for Fellows nominations (thanks to those of you who submitted nominations!) and will be announcing the results at the 2018 Annual Meeting. We’ll soon be recruiting candidates for open leadership positions. Please consider throwing your hat into the ring.
This year, we’re focusing on two strategic goals:
1) Increasing outreach to students, new members, and those who haven’t considered SGA leadership roles and encouraging them to get involved.
We’re just kicking off this outreach. Please let us know if you have any questions about leadership opportunities, would like us to chat with your class, or want to recommend members for leadership roles.
2) Exploring opportunities to cultivate interaction among the SGA Fellows cohort and the SGA membership.
We’re planning a fun forum for this at the Annual Meeting — stay tuned!
Please feel welcome to reach out to us with any ideas or questions at