Even More Committee Updates!

The Scholarship Committee would like to congratulate Brittany Newberry on being selected to receive the Ed Weldon Scholarship for early-bird registration to the Society of American Archivists Conference.  Good luck in D.C.!

We look forward to hearing about your experience in a future blog post, and congratulations again!!

The Program Committee has been working diligently over the last six months to release the theme and program earlier in the calendar year, allowing attendees more time to determine their travel schedules for the Annual Meeting. 
After extensive review of member feedback in previous Annual Meeting surveys, the Committee chose this year’s theme of Practical Pathways: Applied Tools and Creative Approaches. The selection is in direct response to the expressed need for hands-on, pragmatic suggestions and solutions for the problems archivists are facing in the workplace. A complete description of the theme can be found here.
Additionally, the Program Committee is extremely excited that the 2018 Annual Meeting Program Draft is now available, and believes the quality and diversity of session and poster topics and speakers will be a boon to attendees. Preparations for the final draft of the program–including the popular “At a Glance” schedule debuted last year–are currently underway.

The SGA Nominating Committee — Kevin Fleming, Megan Kerkhoff, and Wendy Hagenmaier — has been working on annual activities related to SGA Fellows and nominations, as well as two important strategic plan goals focused on diversity and communication.
We publicized the call for Fellows nominations (thanks to those of you who submitted nominations!) and will be announcing the results at the 2018 Annual Meeting. We’ll soon be recruiting candidates for open leadership positions. Please consider throwing your hat into the ring.
This year, we’re focusing on two strategic goals:
1) Increasing outreach to students, new members, and those who haven’t considered SGA leadership roles and encouraging them to get involved.
We’re just kicking off this outreach. Please let us know if you have any questions about leadership opportunities, would like us to chat with your class, or want to recommend members for leadership roles.
2) Exploring opportunities to cultivate interaction among the SGA Fellows cohort and the SGA membership.
We’re planning a fun forum for this at the Annual Meeting — stay tuned!
Please feel welcome to reach out to us with any ideas or questions at nominating@soga.org.

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