Committee Updates!

The Nominating Committee is currently seeking nominations for this year’s Society of Georgia Archivists Fellows Award. Now is your chance to recognize individuals for their outstanding achievements in our profession and for their valuable contributions to SGA!
To be eligible, nominees must have been members of SGA for at least five years and demonstrate dedication to education, leadership, advocacy, and/or scholarly activities that impact the Georgia archival community.
The nomination form and award procedures are available on the SGA Fellows webpage:
The deadline to submit a nomination is April 30, 2018.
Please contact the Nominating Committee with questions about the program or procedures:
Thank you,
2018 SGA Nominating Committee:
Kevin Fleming
Wendy Hagenmaier, Chair
Megan Kerkhoff

The SGA Membership and Outreach and Advocacy Committee hosted a joint tour of “A Fire That No Water Could Put Out”: Civil Rights Photography at the High Museum of Art, March 11, 2018. Six members attended.

The committee also organized a joint SGA/Special Libraries Association-Atlanta Chapter Networking Night and Tour of the Breman Museum’s new exhibition on display from the National Archives and Records Administration, “Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage,” April 10, 2018. Jeremy Katz, Director of the Cuba Family Archives also led a tour of the archives. Twenty-seven members of both organizations attended.

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