Upcoming DAS Workshop: Appraisal of Electronic Records

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Kennesaw State University Center
3333 Busbee Dr. NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Increasingly, archival records are created in electronic formats. As a result, archives of all types need to be responsible for the preservation of electronic records. After a review of the fundamental principles of archival appraisal and appraisal policies, you’ll be introduced to the unique issues that need to be addressed when appraising electronic records. Case studies will highlight the practical aspects of appraisal when dealing with electronic records.

Upon completing this course you’ll be able to:

  • Develop an appraisal policy for your archives.
  • Include electronic records on records retention and disposal schedules.
  • Address technical issues (such as metadata, software dependence, etc.) that arise when appraising electronic records.
  • Appraise electronic records for your archives.
Who should attend? Archivist Practitioners, Records Managers. Anyone responsible for the archival appraisal of electronic records.

What should you know already? Archival appraisal of records, as well as some basic knowledge about digital preservation and electronic records.

Workshop Fees

Registration Type Fees: Early-Bird / Regular
Full Registration #1337
SAA Member: $185 / $235
Employees of Member Institutions: $210 / $260
Nonmember: $235 / $285

Register for the workshop here.
Attendance limited to 35.

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