News From Next Door: South Carolina Edition

The Waring Historical Library and MUSC University Archives announce the opening of a new web exhibit:

“Civil Practice to Civil War: The Medical College of the State of South Carolina, 1861-1865”

The Medical College of the State of South Carolina (MCSSC), as it was known from 1832 until 1952, suspended classes after the March 1861 graduation, just three months after South Carolina seceded from the Union and a month before shots upon Fort Sumter marked the official commencement of hostilities between North and South. Almost immediately, many of the College’s faculty, students, and alumni joined the Confederate military and the College was left dormant for five long years. Even while the College was on hiatus, its students, alumni, and faculty were getting an entirely new education in the field hospitals and on the battlefields. The exhibit tells the stories of but a few of the hundreds of MCSSC’s alumni, faculty and students who took their medical bags to war.

For more information about the web exhibit, please contact Brooke Fox, University Archivist at

*Colcock Hall, n.d., Waring Historical Library, MUSC, Charleston, SC

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