October is Georgia Archives Month

In October, Georgia will celebrate its 8th archives celebration — Georgia Archives Month. This year’s theme is “Georgia History: Stay Tuned.” There’s still plenty of time to plan special events such as exhibits, tours, lectures, workshops, collection viewings, etc. For ideas, visit our website at http://www.soga.org/aw/index.php and click on one of the past years under the “Events” section.

The purpose of Archives Month is to celebrate the value of Georgia’s historical records, publicize the many ways historical records enrich our lives, and recognize those who maintain our communities’ historical records. This is the ideal time to call attention to your organization or local government, and its work in preserving Georgia’s documentary heritage.

We encourage you to think of ways in which your organization or local government can celebrate Archives Week in your community. If you are planning an event, please email archivesmonth@soga.org and we will add your event to the Archives Week web site.

If you have any questions, please view our web site at http://www.soga.org/aw/index.php or contact archivesmonth@soga.org (Sara Saunders, 865-7155; Sally Loy, 770-427-2117 x 107). Thank you.

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