Untraditional Archives Jobs: Corporate Digital Asset Management

Did you know that corporate businesses need archivists and librarians? Marketing and brand assets need organization, too! There is a growing appetite for information science surrounding a business’s use of their own marketing materials, which is exactly where an archivist or librarian can make a big impact. Whether you are describing and making available historical artifacts, scholarly articles, or a global brand’s logo—the skills are the same! The focus on accurate, quality ensured data remains, as does the accomplishment of solving a tough reference request
Digital asset management (DAM) is the process through which rich media files are stored, organized, and reused. Businesses are creating digital ecosystems that require a DAM system as a foundation to ensure their collateral is on brand and increasingly automated.  The launch and maintenance of these systems are large endeavors that present great opportunities for digital librarians.
Most businesses require more than just the migration of files into their new DAM. Usually their systems need taxonomy improvements to help people find the files that exist. It’s difficult to fully leverage your marketing assets if they have been tagged with terms that the users do not understand! A digital librarian can make sure their DAM has an intuitive set of metadata fields and tags that flexes as the business grows or changes.
Businesses don’t always realize that they are looking specifically for a digital librarian to organize their content. DAM is often outsourced to agencies with expertise rather than managed internally, due to the specialized nature of the asset management work. 
ICP is one such agency that fills this niche, with its U.S. business headquartered in Atlanta.  A typical project at ICP begins with a large asset migration—moving marketing files from existing siloed systems and individual hard drives into one ‘single source of truth.’ The cross-mapping of metadata from disparate systems and creation of metadata when it doesn’t exist is where an information science skillset is vital. 
In the field of DAM, there will always be a need for digital archivists and librarians to create and quality control the critical metadata that enables asset reuse and increases business efficiency.   
To learn more about the DAM industry and open roles at ICP, please reach out to casey.smith@icpnet.com.

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