2015 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals

The Society of Georgia Archivists’ Program Committee proudly announces the theme for the 2015 annual meeting: Archives as Community: Building Bridges and Sustaining Relationships. The Committee invites you to attend the meeting, to be held at the Columbus Marriott in Columbus, Georgia, October 22-23, 2015. 

Archives as Community calls for archives professionals to assess the relationships that enable them to conduct their work within changing cultural, technological and financial environments. For the 2015 annual meeting, the Program Committee is seeking presentations on the following topics:

  • Partnerships and projects with communities, including documentation initiatives, the preservation of civic memory, and the creation of community-based archives
  • Internal or external collaborations to achieve needed funding, resources, technology, space, or to accomplish other significant repository goals
  • Experiences with volunteers, interns, student assistants, members of the public or other nonprofessional archivists to process, promote, or make collections available
  • Any other research or program that illustrates how archives have addressed the needs of their communities and cooperated with stakeholders

This year’s theme, Archives as Community: Building Bridges and Sustaining Relationships reflects the significance of our constituents and stakeholders in facilitating and expanding the functions and use of archives and archival materials.

To submit a proposal, fill out the form and return to Heather Oswald at heather.oswald@gmail.com by June 5, 2015. The Program Committee is accepting both individual presenter and full session submissions. If you have any questions about the theme, presentation ideas, or the annual meeting program, please contact Heather Oswald.

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