Attend the EAC-CPF Workshop, March 13

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Encoded Archival Context – Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families (EAC-CPF)
March 13 in Atlanta

Workshop Description
How can EAC-CPF enhance your institution’s records – and how can you get started using it? In this workshop you’ll learn how to create EAC-CPF records, with hands-on application of the elements to existing data; discuss balancing existing data with additional data components as part of an implementation strategy; and examine existing projects to consider how EAC-CPF may be implemented locally, regionally, or nationally.

Upon completing this workshop you’ll have:

  • Knowledge of the structure and content of the EAC-CPF standard and the companion content standard ISAAR (CPF);
  • Explored the metadata scheme design, including elements and attributes defined to reflect that design:
    • XML techniques used to incorporate data from allied standards
    • Current XML techniques leveraged in the standard;
·  Created EAC-CPF record content from existing data structures, such as the Library of Congress Name Authority File, United List of Artists Names, biographical resources, and other related sources; and
·  Exposure to EAC-CPF projects underway in the United States and internationally.Who should attend? Practicing archivists who are interested in the development and design of the EAC-CPF standard, who want to learn more about this standard, and who want to consider how it could be implemented in their repositories or consortia.

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