Statement from FOGAH on the Georgia Archives remaining open

Although the Governor’s press release raises a number of questions,
it’s fundamentally good news.  Archives is in a better place today
than it was yesterday.  With continued efforts, things may improve

FIRST AND FOREMOST, FOGAH encourages EVERYONE to send an email or
letter to the Governor thanking him for his support.  Without his
efforts, we wouldn’t have this victory.

Everyone is concerned about the staff — one of the unanswered
questions.  Please remember that staffing decisions are ultimately the
Secretary of State’s, not the Governor’s.  It’s one thing to ask the
Governor to continue efforts to support the Archives and the Staff,
but please avoid language that sounds demanding.

We still have lots of work to do.  We need to make sure that the
Archives has adequate support when transferred to the Board of
Regents.  That means meeting with members of the Assembly —
preferably in their district before the beginning of session, rather
than at the Capitol.  We’re planning an advocacy training session at
the SGA meeting so that we can all work together as effectively as
possible.  Stay tuned for details.

Again, please use all available channels to say “thanks” to the Governor!

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