SGA 2012 Call for Submissions

The Society of Georgia Archivists Program Committee announces a call for presentation proposals for the 2012 SGA Annual Conference.

The SGA Annual Conference will take place this year in beautiful Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia, on November 8th and 9th, 2012.

The conference theme is Brave New World: Next Steps in the Archives Profession.

The Program Committee is soliciting presentation proposals for sessions touching on a variety of topics under this theme, including:

  • Practical and theoretical foundations for new archivists, including appraisal, accessioning, arrangement and description, and public service approaches
  • Making digital resources accessible by creating useful descriptive metadata, promoting interoperability standards for the distribution of digital content, investigating content management software, strategies, etc.
  • Project Management- from various angles for anyone managing any kind of project, including personnel management, project life cycle, concrete tools and techniques, strategic planning, etc.
  • Electronic Records Primer- intro covering the appraisal, maintenance, use, and preservation of born-digital records, and ways to address the challenges of technological change and format obsolescence
  • Self Assessment-  tools and methods archivists use to self evaluate and measure our impact, determine needs for improvement, prove value, and structure workflow
  • Electronic Preservation Case Studies- examples from the archives community of working digital preservation strategies, including successes, failures and next steps.

Interested individuals should submit proposals here by March 30 for consideration. If you have any questions, please contact the SGA 2012 Program Committee at

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