6 Questions About…John O’Shea

NAME: John O’Shea
POSITION: Special Collections Librarian
How long have you lived in Augusta and how did you come to live there? I have lived in Augusta since the 1970s. I originally transferred and came to Augusta to finish college.
What is the focus of the archives/library/museum where you work? Augusta State University publications and documents, local history including some archival material from Augusta’s early history, genealogy materials and archival collections with a related focus.
What is your favorite thing in your holdings? I have many favorites, but I’d include the maps of the area that give a sense of what Augusta was like from its early history.
What aspect of archival work are you most interested in, especially for the future of the profession? Succinctly, preserving archival materials that are unique, significant and reflect what has happened in the past. Collections that are likely to be beneficial in the future.
What is your favorite bar or restaurant in Augusta and why? My favorite restaurant is the Village Deli on Wrightsboro Road in Daniel Village. It is across from Daniel Field which has a history going back to the early 1900s. The Village Deli has both interesting and eclectic pictures which reflect the history of the immediate area. Obviously I like the food. It’s close to Augusta State. It isn’t as close to the conference. 
What is the one thing that you think all SGA/SCAAers should do or see in Augusta? During the day, I suggest visiting the Augusta Canal Interpretative Center at Enterprise Mill.

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