Blogging the 2009 SGA 40th Anniversary Meeting*

Between August and November, SGA’s Outreach Committee will be blogging about Savannah and the 2009 Annual Meeting. We will be posting information on our speakers and sessions, and also on all of the sights and sounds that Savannah has to offer.

We will provide you with tips on tours, historical sites, and museums; restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops; boutiques and antiques; parks and beaches; and so much more. Additionally, we hope to discover really, really good deals on dining, happy hours, and activities – everything you need to make Savannah an exciting destination without putting a strain on your wallet!

Oh, yeah – and we have a great program planned for our 40th Anniversary, too. Confirmed guests include David Gracy (keynote speaker), Elizabeth Yakel (archival metrics), and Geof Huth (electronic records). We will be providing more information about speakers’ backgrounds, planned sessions, and other 40th Anniversary events.

Don’t forget that the personal expenses you incur at the annual meeting can be itemized and deducted from your taxes! We know that for many Georgia archivists, institutional support will be greatly reduced this year, and keeping track of your receipts is an easy way to make the annual meeting and associated workshops a benefit to you come tax time. For more information on work-related educational expenses, visit the IRS’ Tax Tips online.

If you have questions about blogging the annual meeting, or if you would like to contribute your favorite Savannah tips to the blog, please contact Traci Drummond ( or Courtney Chartier (

*Gordon, Peter. A view of Savannah as it stood the 29th of March 1734. Map. 1876. From: Library of Congress Map Collections, 1500-2004. (accessed July 9, 2009).

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