CANCELLED – June Workshops: Digital Preservation for Audio and Video

 Unfortunately, these workshops have been cancelled due to low registration. Please continue to check the blog for future educational opportunities.

Digital Preservation for Audio/Digital Preservation for Video

June 26-27, 2014
Atlanta History Center
Atlanta, GA
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Many library and archival collections contain a wide array of audio materials, ranging from early discs to many varieties of audiotape and audiocassettes. All are now faced with the increasing rarity of playback equipment and the expertise needed to maintain it. Moreover, magnetic media is especially prone to physical degradation over timeundefineddegradation that can be very difficult to detect until a tape is played back. CDs are also subject to degradation and decay.
Today, the only viable means of long-term audio preservation is digitizationundefinedbut the process of digitizing audio material can be complicated and requires a series of critical choices. This workshop is aimed at artists, archivists, and librarians who are tasked with the care of audio materials in their collections, with the goal of helping them make good choices for their preservation.
Workshop topics include:

  • Identifying audio disc and tape formats
  • Collection inspection, survey, and triage
  • Proper storage for magnetic (tape) and optical (CD) media
  • Determining preservation and access file formats
  • Quality control and relations with outside digitization vendors

If content on analog videotape is to survive for the long term, the tapes must be digitized–moved from the unstable magnetic media on which the content is currently held, into the digital realm where–in theory–they can be preserved indefinitely and migrated forward as files rather than physical objects.  Digitization, however, means more than simply selecting a destination file format.  It requires a series of decisions that will determine the long-term viability of files created–and thus of the valuable video content.
Workshop topics include:

  • Basic digital file creation
  • Preservation and access file formats and codecs
  • Software for file creation and playback
  • Storage options
  • Workflows for digitization

In addition, participants will examine case studies of small and large-scale digitization projects in order to understand real-world applications of principles introduced in the workshop.
Instructor: Jeff Martin

  • Single workshop:
    • General Admission: $150

    • IMAP Members, SGA Members: $100
    • Artists and Students: $50
  • Both workshops:
    • General Admission: $250
    • IMAP Members, SGA Members: $150
    • Artists and Students: $75
Independent Media Arts Preservation will present two workshops on consecutive days for archivists, librarians, artists, media specialists, students, and all other interested individuals. Attendance at both workshops is not required.

SGA will provide lunch on Friday, June 27; participants will be required to provide their own lunch on Thursday, June 26. There are several restaurant options a short distance away.

If you have any questions about workshop content or registration, please contact:
For all other inquiries, contact:

Register at

These workshops are made possible by the New York State Council on the Artswith the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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